Team Building Activity

Are you looking for a great team building activity?
Enjoy the outdoors?
Enjoy being on the water?

The Kentucky Thorough-Breasts has a great opportunity for your team building activity.

Dragonboating is the fastest growing on-water sport in the United States. Each dragon boat holds 20 paddlers along with a steersperson and drummer.

The Kentucky Thorough-Breasts will shortly be adding additional dragonboats to their fleet and will provide the dragonboats and all equipment…life vests, paddles and instruction to help your company build team spirit and comradery.

Enjoy a day on the water with practice to start and then race each other to find out which of your “teams” has mastered the “Paddling in Sync” technique.

If you would like more information, please contact the team at their website… or call the team phone line at (859) 391-7020